Founded in 1998, Revolution Dance and Performing Arts is a unique performing arts program that provides weekly training classes to people of all ages and skills in order to express their thanks and praise to God through the arts.

Revolution believes each student possesses God-given gifts and talents that can be used for worship in order to radically transform their lives, and the lives of others.


Revolution's success is attributed by their caring and dedicated staff that believes in raising the next generation of worshippers.


Our founder Victoria Castaños grew up dancing socially at family gatherings, parties and weddings. Although dancing was one of her favorite past times, it never seemed to have any depth or meaning. Her life was a myriad of painful experiences that scarred her spiritually and emotionally, leading her to believe there was no hope or future.

On July 17, 1990 Victoria experienced a drastic and far reaching change in her way of thinking. She came to know Jesus Christ as her Lord and Saviour. This momentous event was the start of a revolution in her life that caused Victoria to experience a joy and liberation she never felt before.

Revolution was birthed out of Victoria's passion to share the miracle of hope and freedom in Christ. She believes people can discover as she did, God uses our dance to fight battles that will defeat the enemy and bring healing to our lives and to those we touch.

For over 14 years, Victoria performed, taught, and choreographed worship dance in churches all over the world.

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